In the United States 16 million children live below the poverty line.

Every week Sommer Haven Ranch International provides 60,000 pounds of food to many groups and churches who distribute to the needy in the Antelope Valley.

Sommer Haven networks with other organizations around the world to distribute millions of pounds of food and other necessities free of charge locally, nationally and internationally.

Through seminars, on-site training and weekly distribution of millions of pounds of food, Sommer Haven inspires and equips organizations to meet increasing needs of the people in their community locally, nationally, and internationally.

Sommer Haven sends teams to developing countries to train indigenous leaders how to reach their own community or village through preventative healthcare, basic first aid, hygiene, nutrition, education and sustainable agriculture.

Contact us for further information or questions about sending a donation of food, clothing, and medical supplies. All gifts are tax deductible.

Sommer Haven International, Inc.
44505 90th St W
Lancaster, CA 93536
Fax (661) 718-8110



What does 60,000 pounds look like?

Go to the grocery store and put 60 pounds of food in a basket.

1,000 shopping carts lined up will cover 1 mile!

60 pounds x 1,000 carts = 60,000 pounds of food!