For more than 30 years Sommer Haven Ranch International has been training leaders in areas such as health, sanitation, hygiene, education, agriculture and animal husbandry.  We have responded to disasters by sending teams and supplies.  Today, in the United States families are struggling to meet their children’s needs and we believe it is the church’s God given responsibility to reach out to these families with a practical demonstration of God’s love and bring them hope and encouragement.

Participate in training seminars and a “hands on” gardening experience.  Take the challenge to come and “adopt” a 30 X 50 foot garden plot and grow food for your church, group or family and needy families in your area. Soon your group will be able to find a garden space to develop a FAITH Community Garden in your own community and inspire other families to use backyards or vacant land so they to may have Food Always in The Home!

Some of our Training Courses:
Cleanliness and Disease
Close Together Planting
Combating Malnutrition
F.A.I.T.H. Gardening Food Always In The Home
God’s Food Resources
How To Raise Ducks
Improved Backyard Chickens
Sloping Agriculture Land Technology 1 2 3
Treatment of Dangerous Illnesses
Raising Goats
Raising Healthy Poultry
Tree Care
Water Purification

Workbooks are available upon request.

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